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Forex įvadiniai mokymai - Mes Verslūs! O tu verslus? Jaunimo verslo klubas 


2006 11 26

Forex įvadiniai mokymai

Gruodžio 5 dieną (antradieni), 19.00 val įvyks įvadiniai 1 h mokymai apie Forex.


Jų metu:

  • Trumpai apie Forex;
  • Prekyba valiutomis Forexe;
  • Pirkimo/pardavimo strategijos;
  • Įvadas į techninę ir fundamentalią valiutų kursų analizę;
  • Realus pirkimas/pardavimas forexe, operacijų tipai;
  • Kaledinis JVK forex turnyras.

Mokymus ves ekonometristas Gedas Kučinskas

Daugiau informacijos


2015 12 02, 10:50

Forex trading is just like any other fianacinl investment tool. Takes money and some smarts and patience. Although their are a lot of perks with forex trading such as 24 hour trading, largest liquid market, and very high volatility, one should still educate themselves as you would on any type of investment. Unless you just do not care about your money.First I would recommend learning up on some technical analysis. Just search that phrase with forex in front and you will find millions of resources. Then educate yourself up on fundamental influence on the currencies. Everyone finds there own knack at trading the forex market so don't blindly fall into a so called forex guru's marketing trap. [url=]iausahiifr[/url] [link=]kxfvuiyxlw[/link]

2015 11 30, 23:20

If you’re a potential ientsnmevt player who’d like to make it big in the business and financial world, then you go for forex trading. The FOREX, also known as the foreign exchange market is one of the largest financial markets in the world with and estimate of $1.5 trillion turn-overs every day. Here are a few strategies on how to make it big in the forex market. Strategy One: Know your market. The best way to get advantage, earn profit and minimize losses is to familiarize yourself with the market and how the whole system works. In the forex market, the players are usually commercial banks, central banks and firms involved in foreign trade, ientsnmevt funds, broker companies and other private individuals with large capital. With the speed and high liquidity of asset, most companies engage in this business than in any other trading venture. Transactions are done in a jiffy; there are no membership fees and there is always the allure and promise of big, big profit. Trading is done in pairs. The most commonly traded currencies are usually the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and the Swiss Franc. The more commonly traded currency pairs are the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, the Euro and the US Dollar, the Swiss Franc and the US Dollar. In Forex trading, everything is speculative and virtual. There is no actual product being sold or bought. The activity mostly consists of computed entries made on the value of one currency against another. Say for example, you can buy Euros with US Dollar, hoping that the Euro will increase it value. Once its value rises, you can sell the Euro again, thus earning you profit. Strategy Two: Learn the language. There are three concepts you need to know in the currency market. Pips refer to the increase of one hundredth of a percent of the value of the currency pair you are trading. Usually each pip has a value of $10 or $1. Volume is the quantity or amount of money being traded at one particular time in the market. Buying is the acquisition of a particular currency. A trader buys with the hopes that the price of the currency will increase. Selling is putting a currency up for grabs in the market because of a potential or possibility of a decrease in its value. There are also two techniques of analysis usually used in this business – the fundamental and the technical analysis. Technical analysis is usually used by small and medium players. Here, the primary point of analysis revolves on the price. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is used by bigger companies and players with higher capital as it involves looking at the other factors affecting the value of a particular currency. In this type of analysis, the player also looks at the situation of the country, particularly issues like political stability, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and tax policies as these are seen to have an effect on the currency’s value. Strategy Three: Develop a sound trading strategy. Your trading strategy would depend on what kind of trader you are. The basic thing with developing a trading strategy is to identify what kind of forex trader you are. A good trading strategy should lessen, if not, eliminate losses. Plan also the size of your transactions. It is better to conduct many different trades than one huge transaction. Not only does it develop discipline, but it also lessens any possible loss as only a fraction of the capital is affected. Part of a trading strategy is developing the values of discipline and proper money management. Strategy Four: Practice. Try paper trading, a great way to practice your skills, see how the market works and get acquainted with the software and tools being used. There are online brokers who allow free paper trades, which allows practice and experience before doing it with real money. Strategy Five: Choose the right forex dealer. Make sure that they are regulated by the law. Take not of dealers with ientsnmevt schemes that give out too-good-to-be-true-just-false-hopes promises. Look at ientsnmevt offers before getting started. Forex trading may seem easy and manageable. But the emotional stress, the demands and challenges of being a forex trader requires more than just the knowledge of the market. It requires more than just a keen and sensible head for business. It’s all about a gameplan, a strategy.

2015 11 28, 05:33

Это может быть при маленьком LotExponent и lots, например если lots 0.1 и lotexponent 1.4 первые два колена будут с лотом 0,1 и только третье 0,2. [url=]vcfxjzglrz[/url] [link=]zskzbtdc[/link]

2015 11 27, 23:09

double Stoploss = 500.0;double TrailStart = 10.0;double TrailStop = 10.0;LotExponent = 1.4;extern bool DynamicPips = true;extern int DefaultPips = 12;extern int Glubina = 24;extern int DEL = 3;extern dobule slip = 3.0;extern dobule Lots = 0.01;extern int lotdecimal = 1;extern dobule TakeProfit = 10.0;//extern dobule PipStep = 30.0;extern dobule Drop = 5000;extern dobule RsiMinimum = 30.0;extern dobule RsiMaximum = 70.0;extern int MagicNumber = 2222;int PipStep=0;extern int MaxTrades = 10;extern bool UseEquityStop = FALSE;extern dobule TotalEquityRisk = 20.0;extern bool UseTrailingStop = FALSE;extern bool UseTimeOut = FALSE;extern dobule MaxTradeOpenHours = 48.0; Сергей привет, это мои настройки на советника Илан правильны ли они ????при реальном счете выше 1000 и что означает DROP 5000 ????, так как некоторые рекомендуют DROP 500 так как лючше будет при моих данных, СПАСИБО :)

2015 11 27, 07:26

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2012 12 04, 23:54

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2012 12 02, 06:29

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2012 12 01, 04:21

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2012 11 29, 13:19

Without even spending the money for a book I rellay like the information and format of This is one of the first steps that I recommend to all of my clients to get a sound understanding of the Forex market.I then recommend some actual hands on experience by trading with a demo account using virtual dollars and not any of their own hard earned money. This way you can experience the actual tools and processes used when trading in the Forex marketplace. This will also allow you to experience the actual movement of various currency pairs in relation to each other.The Forex market is quite interesting, it is fun and dangerous at the same time.The educated and cautious live to trade another day. The impatient and greedy fall by the wayside.I wish you much success and I would be happy to answer any more questions that you may have.Paul

2011 10 08, 10:06

Viska informacija apie Forex nuo Pradinukų lygio iki Profesionalų lygio:

2011 07 04, 18:26

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2011 07 01, 10:40

Z470SN ohsudxdbivql

2011 06 30, 19:11

You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wacthnig for your posts.

2009 11 21, 13:24

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