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JVK vakaras su verslininku! Svečiuose - Ilja Laurs - Mes Verslūs! O tu verslus? Jaunimo verslo klubas 


2013 04 06

JVK vakaras su verslininku! Svečiuose - Ilja Laurs

Tęsiame „Jaunimo verslo klubo" (JVK) susitikimų ciklą su Lietuvos verslininkais. Balandžio 18d. JVK svečiuose - UAB „GetJar" įkūrėjas Ilja Laurs. 

Vakaro tema: „Kaip sėkmingai pradėti verslą". Diskusija su Ilja Laurs

Ilja Laurs - UAB "GetJar" įkūrėjas

Ilja Laurs is the Founder and Chairman of GetJar, world's largest independent mobile application store. "European Manager of the Year 2011" by European Business Press Association, "25 European Tech Leaders" by Wall Street Journal, "Top 40 most influential people in mobile communications" by Informa Telecoms and Media, "10 Start-ups That Will Change Your Life" by TIME magazine and "Technology Pioneer 2011" by World Economic Forum are only a few of his numerous industry achievements. As a recognized thought leader, Ilja speaks on all major telecommunication conferences and is regularly quoted in Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and many other news sources. In February 2010, Ilja made the cover of the America's leading entrepreneurship magazine "Entrepreneur".

Since 2005, pioneering in the app store concept, GetJar provides app distribution to 550,000 developers, from one-man shops to brands like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. As of January 2013, GetJar distributes 800,000 mobile applications and has served over 3 billion downloads. GetJar latest product, virtual currency GetJar Gold, has reached 100 million users worldwide in less than 1 year.

Serial entrepreneur since 1999, Ilja launched over 10 successful projects prior to GetJar, as diverse as Lithuania's largest hotel reservation system, mobile payments service MicroPay and mobile games studio Midas Mobile. Passionate about 3D photography, Ilja is also famous for his photoblog

Laikas: 2013m. balandžio 18d. 18:30val.

Vieta: ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas (Arklių g. 18, Vilnius) 408aud.
Vakaro svečias: Ilja Laurs - UAB "GetJar" įkūrėjas

Moderatorius: Evaldas Damanauskas - JVK valdybos seniūnas 

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Asociacija „Jaunimo verslo klubas"
Įmonės kodas: 300051745
Sąsk. nr.: LT917044060004497029
Bankas: AB SEB


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